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Sports Management

Sirius Sports Management are an exciting, emerging start-up that provide representation to professional athletes by supporting them in contract negotiations transfers and mentoring services.

Brand creation




Striking and professional

Sirius, came to us as a brand new company. They wanted a striking new brand that would stand up to the competitive world of sports management and a new website that would be cost effective, yet set the tone for this professional corporate sports environment.

Knowthis created an identity that would be flexible to use in many different formats with a brand mark that would demand attention and support the company's strong brand values.


I have recently worked with Ben and the team at Knowthis developing a website for my new business. Throughout the project I felt that they really embraced what we wanted from the site and logos and when we threw a curve ball in they were able to welcome our views and act in a timely manor.

Jonny Prout,   MD - Sirius Sports Management

We love a challenge. If you'd like us to create the perfect solution for your business, we'd love to hear from you.

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