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Brewed with pride in Northumberland



Backlash Brewery are a small independent brewery, set in the heart of Northumberland. The company was set up in early 2019 and is currently a membership only brand. The exclusivity of this product is generating a great deal of interest in the brand. Currently you can access their stock by invite only. Hopefully i the future this amazing beer will be released into the public domain for all to enjoy.

Brand creation

Label creative


Confidence and attitude

Backlash Brewery came to us with a selection of ideas for a core brand message. We developed a brand message around 'brewed with pride in Northumberland.'

We wanted the brand to be confident and edgy, but with a strong link to its roots in the North East of England. The core brand is bold, with attitude. It's strong black and white mark sits confidently on signage, packaging and labels and gives a strong constant throughout.

The labels also are based on a strong design system to be fun, yet confident and have individuality, yet have a consistency across the range of beers.

Backlash Brewery is an exciting new venture for Donytne Property and Leisure. Knowthis were given an open brief to see where they could take the brand and packaging for us. Although it's still early days we are loving the results!

Michael Fish.  MD - Dontyne Property and Leisure

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